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  • Taryn Dudley





We can’t get enough of the summer sunshine, why can’t it be summer always?!  Had so much fun doing this summer inspired shoot with the talented Michelle Roller.  Pineapples, squirt-guns, candy, pool toys, and, of course, the most colorful clothing ever.  Shorts and cute little crop tops are forever our easiest go-to combo for an outfit.  The hot summer heat allows us to wear our abundance of these items all the time, we thank you summer!  Hope y’all enjoy these fun-ass photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them 🙂

We are major fans of Mr. Chet Faker and Flume.  When the two of them work together the result is GOLD.  Funny enough, this new song is called Gold tehe.  Give it a listen while outside in the sunshine!

Rhi’s look:

Halter top by Raga LA – H&G Boutique 

Shorts – Vintage

Hat – Vintage

Taryn’s look:

Top – H&G Boutique

Levi shorts – Vintage


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