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  • Taryn Dudley

A Day In The Life









A day in the life wouldn’t be complete with out music and photos in this Velvet Sugar world. Michelle Roller helped capture more of our lifestyle livin’ in this cozy corner of our California home. If you didn’t know, we were raised with some old school vintage music overload, and we have our beautiful parents to thank for that <3 Still so stoked that bell bottoms have made such a come back, our favorite way to rock them is with layers, like this amazing bralette from Free People. Sexy maxi skirts are also in our top but we like to contrast them with comfy grungy tanks like this one from White Crow Clothing. Ah how we wish we could cuddle up with some tunes right now, butttt helloooo Monday.

The Beatles… self explanatory. Our four favorite men are bringin’ it with what is definitely one of our top 3 fave Beatles songs. Enjoy fellow oldies lovers <3

xoxox Taryn & Rhi

Taryn’s Look:

Skirt- Nordstrom

Shoes- Sbicca

Rhi’s Look:

Bralette- Free People

Top- HG Boutique

Bells- Mono B

Shoes- Forever 21


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