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  • Taryn Dudley

Border Line






Hello Y’all, long time no post.  This past week has been heavy after the shooting in my happy little Isla Vista town.  I am thrilled to see my community standing strong together and it makes me incredibly proud to be a Gaucho.  On a lighter note, so stoked about these rad velvet bells given to us by the hotties at Urban Philosophy.  Many thanks 🙂  Bell bottoms are making their come back this season and you know how much we LOVE velvet, so this bad boys will be worn often in the months to come.  Check out their store, there are some great finds!

If you haven’t heard of King Krule, now you have and your welcome.  This Brit has a seriously unique voice that makes all of his songs super cool and different.  I’ve been obsessed since the first second I heard it. Check him!  

Top – Urban Outfitters

Bell Bottoms – Urban Philosophy

Shoes – Lucky Lulu’s

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