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  • Taryn Dudley

Come On and Move Me


Summertime and the weather is oh so sweet indeed!  We’ve been spending our days playing in the sunshine in our favorite bikinis eating all sorts of fresh fruits.  I’ve been sportin’ this tini bikini often this summer.  It comes from the gorgeous Hawaiian ladies behind the company Hideaway Swim!  Shop their site for the cutest bathing suits and other summer wear.  Love bringing the good vibes of Hawaii to our California shore.  Also digging this tee from Dead Legacy, perfect to throw over my bathing suit when my skin has had enough sun for the day.  Throw on a pair of colorful sunnies, add a wide brim hat, and no it’s time get your ass down to the oceanside!

Been lovin’ this groovy band Monarchs.  They are a New York group with soul form the south.  This tune of theirs makes me want to twirl around in the sand.  So grab your bikinis ladies and let’s dance on down to the beach!

Bikini – Hideaway Swim

Top – Dead Legacy

Hat – Top Knot Goods

Sunnies – Incognito Eyewear


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