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  • Taryn Dudley

Feel It Still

Well I sure am in a pickle here, attempting to promote cozy October weather when I’m sitting in my living room sweating in 95 degrees is QUITE difficult! BUT it doesn’t matter because I am pretending sweater weather is upon us and regardless of the sun, I am rescuing the sweaters from the depth of my closet.

I am bringing this cozy themed blog to you courtesy of my favorites Urban Outfitters! The ultimate place to find anything cozy, trendy, and all around a style treat (no trick here). I have four different outfits displaying my idea of a cozy California assemble and I sure hope you enjoy and can use them as inspo!

From the comforts of home, to the adventures down roads to the pumpkin patch, October is our first climb into Winter and I sure am happy about it. Hope you folks enjoy as much as I do <3

Our song choice today comes from the one and only Portugal The Man! They recently released a new tune called Feel It Still (aka feeling the heat still if you didn’t catch what I did there.. humor me) I keep hearing remix after remix of this jam but the Medasin version is BY FAR my fave! Check it outttt. >> Play here

Ps. Photos brought to you by my gal pal and UO adventure buddy Heidi Toevs

xoxo Taryn

Outfit 1:

Cropped Pants- Click to buy

Grateful Dead tee- Click to buy

Outfit 2:

Mustard Sweater- Click to buy

Outfit 3:

Velvet Jumpsuit-Click to buy

Outfit 4:

Sherpa Leather Jacket- Click to buy

Polka dot romper- Click to buy

Brixton Beret- Click to buy


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