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Oh sunflowers, don’t ever leave me. Sadly that time of year is creeping on us and summer is soon to turn to fall which means my precious sunflowers will be no more 🙁 I’m a little late on this blog post, so I apologize. Michelle, Rhi and I found this amazing sunflower field right off the road and had to bask in my element with my signature flowing whites. Our friend Courtney also embraced her talents and gave me this amazing boho flower filled braid <3 This is a dress I got from forever 21, but I completely redid the design to make it a midi/strapless dress and I am so glad I did 🙂 Hope you all are still keeping up on our Etsy store!! Hopefully in the next month we will have some brand new inventory for you all <3

Living my life like it’s golden is right. I thrive in the summer sunshine and am trying to grasp onto the remaining long summer days while I can. Take a listen to this Kaytranada remix and go frolick in some golden rays.

Dress- Forever 21

Shoes/Belt- Vintage/Thrifted


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