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  • Taryn Dudley

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

My my its only April 1st, and already this month is exceeding our expectations. This is no April fools, we are proud to announce we are Gypsy Junkie’s new “Gypsies of the month”:)) Last week we had the pleasure of entering the Gypsy Junkies HQ in West Hollywood which is like a gypsy fairy tale plus CLOTHES ON CLOTHES ON CLOTHES. And yes, we tried on all we could fit in our arms. In the end the wonderful Gypsies sent us home with so many new treasures we couldn’t believe our eyes. Stay tuned for our exciting month ahead and THANK YOU to our lovely new gypsy family 🙂


T & R

ps: Thank you to Cher for this magnificent tune to add to our theme.. always a classic. Not quite our motto today but hey who doesn’t love some old school Cher 😉

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