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  • Taryn Dudley



Off the shoulder tops have been so on trend this season and this striped top showcases why.  I am a sucker for black and white stripes so this shirt screamed my name.  Thanks to the lovely people at Swell, I will be sporting it everywhere.  Off the shoulder is just sexy enough to dress up and has the perfect level of volume to tock in a casual outfit.  Here, paired it with a knee length skirt and a few key accessories for a look I could wear during the day and easily transform it into a hot look for a night on the town.  Enjoy!

This hazey sunset shoot got me thinking about this song by Glass Animals.  It’s got a sweet beat and sort of erie sound to jam out to and bob your noggin.  The dude’s voice is excellent as well, do check it out.

Top – Swell

Skirt – Lush Clothing

Shoes – Vintage

Belt – Vintage

Purse – Target


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