• Taryn Dudley

Hey Mami

The best part about living in central Cali is the amazing scenery we get to surround ourselves in every day. Michelle and I couldn’t help but adventure to capture the beauty of the changing leaves. Finally I feel like we are experiencing seasons again, which means I get to bundle up! Bell sleeves & black lace.. this is why I love you MINKPINK. They have the most amazing materials, I can’t help but cozy up. Throw on knee socks, scarves and beanies and you’re set for one stylish winter. Lately we have been so obsessed with crystals, this necklace is handmade by the one and only Victory Jewelry, Athena is so sweet and so talented please check out her store!

I randomly found this song by Slyvan Esso and really love it’s uniqueness and funky vocals. I LOVE when songs start off A Capella, gahhhhh so genius. Listen up fools,

xoxox Taryn

Photos- Michelle Roller


Sweater- Lulu’s

Socks- Steve Madden

Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Beanie- NEFF

Bracelet/Necklace- Victory Jewelry

Bolo Booties- Freebird by Steven