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  • Taryn Dudley

How Did I Get Here




Greetings!  It’s pouring outside and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Makes me want to throw on a huge knit sweater, a chunky scarf and cozy socks and sit by the fire.  Cold weather = big coats and this one by Some Days Lovin is on point.  So soft and keeps you warm while adding major style to any outfit.  Also obsessed with this two piece velvet jumpsuit also by Some Days Lovin.  So flattering, boho chic and just absolutely rad.  Finish it of with this fringe beauty from Street Level Bags and this incredible bracelet from Victory Jewelry for a chic look you could rock the streets of New York City in or wander in the forest.  Stay warm my friends!

Rediscovered this Odesza track recently and forgot how sick it is.  I’ve been jamin’ to it while I sit and watch the rain.  Loving this afternoon.

Photography by Michelle Roller!

Jacket by Some Days Lovin – H&G Boutique

Top by Some Days Lovin – H&G Boutique

Bell Bottoms by Some Days Lovin – H&G Boutique


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