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  • Taryn Dudley

Let’s Kick It

I’m not sure how my closet and I do it, but somehow I can always find room to fit just one or two more pieces of shoe therapy in my life. Today’s new contenders? Timberlandssssssssss! If you’re like me, when you think of Timberlands, you think of big ol’ shit kickin’ boots. Anyone? Bueller?

I was SO pleasantly surprised to see these spring styles they just launched and I was even more pleasantly surprised when I put them on cause WOW. I don’t know which pair was more comfortable to be honest. I’ve always loved sandals but feel a bit of a heel takes my outfits to the next level. These first Marsh strap sandals made me feel like I was walking on a cloud and could conquer the universe. I love the color for summer too, the natural nudes are trending big time right now.

Second up, was these badass gold Delphiville leather sneakers. I’ll admit, I am not a huge sneaker wearer unless its a pair of low top converse, but man was my mind changed. I felt like a new woman when I put these on. Bye heels, helloooo hops.

Whether you’re a stylish ath lesiure advocate, or a hip chick with a thirst for comfort, Timberland has both styles dedicated to YOU. So let’s match, you know you wanna 😉

xoxo Taryn

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