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Summertime is Mid State Fair time in Paso Robles.  Here is another look shot by our friend Michelle Roller during the fair.  The fair is the definition of playful fun with the colorful lights, cotton candy, and ridiculous rides and games.  We wanted to capture this “fun” in these colorful outfits.  White, rainbow and silver was the theme here.  We are all about that pop of color and this top by Unif and shorts by Raga LA give us just the pop were looking for.  Pair a statement piece, like the ones just mentioned, with a neutral top or bottom and layer on the jewels for a sweet and stylish summertime look. 

Have you ever heard of Willow Beats?  Well now you have and this song by her, Merewif, kills.  The beat is so unique and I was instantly obsessed the moment I heard it.  Check out more of her stuff, you will be thrilled.

Taryn’s Look:

Top by Unif – H&G Boutique

Skirt – Lush Clothing

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Belt – H&G Boutique 

Rhi’s Look:

Top – Urban Outfitters

Shorts by Raga LA – H&G Boutique

Shoes by  Sbicca Footwear – H&G Boutique 

Necklace – Shantique Designs

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