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  • Taryn Dudley

Pink Moon

Confessions: I change my hair as often as I change my clothes. Confession 2: DGAF.

This round I’m comin at ya hot with a collaboration with the one and only Schwarzkopf Professional! They sent me the coolest product that is perfect for this festival season and really any season where a pop of color is needed. I’ll admit though.. at first I thought it was a toner to brighten my blonde.. little to my surprise.. and lack of reading the bottle.. a few quick sprays later, I was PINK. I mixed a little of the “Ice” and “strawberry” Instant Blush together to create a deeper pink and more of an ombre of colors because why the hell not.

It was so fun being pink for a couple of days and it truly lasts!! If you are looking to add a little fun to your noggin’ without the hassle of the Salon trip, then look no further folks. BLONDME Instant blushes are where its atttttt. You’re welcome you festival babes. To purchase some of these miracle workers, just go visit a Planet Beauty store near you!

Ps. Song of the day, had to go with a color tune right? Nick Drake has been a fave of mine since I was in diapers.

Have a great Saturday, and just remember, I pink you’re all great <3

xoxo Taryn


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