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  • Taryn Dudley

Push Off

It feels so good to be green again. Central California is lush af this spring and I plan on taking full advantage of our new found color. Starting with this amazing dress from Lulus, I am all about a shifty dress and some chiffon, make it olive colored and I am soldddd. But I can’t stop there.. nothing is complete without a little funk in my world. Welcome to my life you little snake skin babies, these sassy boots are my new favorites, courtesy of my lovely Lulus family. Go green guys <3

Man this was a tough choice, my music selection has grown immensely lately and I am thrilled about it. Especially since I have been traveling alot, I could never live in a soundless world. That brings me to this new found favorite, Push Off by The Palms. Diginggggg it!

xoxox Taryn

Dress- Lulus

Boots- Lulus

Jewels- Jay Nicole Jewelry


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