Release You

Happy summer y’all! I just finished finals and am ecstatic to be on summer vacation.  Shorts, tanks, little dresses, and sandals here I come.  This dress in particular will be worn many times.  I love the light airy feel and the center detailing makes it extra special.  I paired it with this sweet vintage military jacket that is now for sale at our store!  We spiced it up by adding a sequined heart patch to the front pocket, giving it a little girly flare.  Enjoy the summer sunshine!

Just discovered this lovely duet by Tim Misch and Carmody.  Loving the soft voices over a slightly electronic beat.  Perfect song for hanging out and relaxing this summer.  Give it a listen!

Dress – Nasty Gal

Vintage Jacket – Velvet Sugar

Sandals – Urban Outfitters

Peace, Love, & Good Vibes