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  • Taryn Dudley

Salt Flats








Hallelujah ladies and gentleman, the cold has arrived! Shook the dust from my scarves and wool socks and embraced the arctic winds. Nothing I love more then changing up pieces by adding layers. Duster sweaters, like this Ecote brand one here, is so on point for trendy winter season outfits and definitely a favorite of mine. I loveee socks so much and think it is cool to switch it up and pair with open toe shoes for something fun and different, and a great way to still rock those spring/summer shoe collections. Bundle up folks, the cold days are a comin <3

OMGGGGGG can I just say how much I have fallen in love with this band “Wild Rabbit“. Nothing is greater then randomly stumbling on a true display of musical passion, and that explains this 4 part “folk stomp” band from Washington. I happened to wander into a bar they were playing at in San Luis Obispo and my mouth dropped open. Rhi and I are planning on seeing them again in Santa Barbara on Dec 6th so if you are in the area, tag along and stomp one out!

xoxox Taryn

Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell/Free People

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