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You Need







Well, what can we say…we have a gypsy soul. This California central coast summer is filling our lives with endless golden fields to twirl, laugh and rock some Gypsy Soul Design pieces in. We couldn’t do it without the help of the fabulous & talented photographer Alexandra Wallace! This kimono and sun dress are two of the most beautiful pieces we’ve seen in awhile and the ladies at Gypsy Soul have been so gracious to provide us with these precious gems. They are definitely taking center stage in our wardrobes. Be sure to check out more of their clothing and fill that gypsy soul you’ve all been longing for <3

Here is a funky little tune for you, inspired by the fact that You obviously Need these Gypsy Soul clothes in your lives.. see what we did there..? 🙂 This indie rock couple knows how to blend trippy rhythms and unique futuristic vocals into something we are definitely digging’, checks it out,

Peace and Love

Taryn & Rhi

Rhi’s Look:

Dress/Maxi Skirt- Gypsy soul Design

Taryn’s Look

Dress- Ragz (Carlsbad Boutique)


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