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  • Taryn Dudley

Your Water

So I am totally that nerd that never leaves the house without my canteen. That canteen used to be a massive white eyesore until I was offered an opportunity to work with Corkcicle! Ice water is my SHIT. Seriously, “life on the rocks” should totally be my motto. I am on the go constantly, whether it’s on the way to a new photo shoot or on a road trip to see my friends in LA. Also, living in the happiest town in America (San Luis Obispo, for those who have forgotten..ouch) we are always living life outdoors so having a canteen for hiking, biking, beaching is KEY. My new copper canteen gives me the trendy edge I look for in life, with my ice water addiction right along side it. Win win? I think yass.

Sure I love ice water, but coffee? That is another ball game I think we can all get on board with. No one wants there to go coffee luke warm by the time they get to their destination. This little tumbler that matches my super chic on point canteen is PERFECT for this reason. Coffee foeva ya dig.

Thank you Corkcicle for supplying my needs in a fashionable manner. Ps.. sooo many colors and styles to choose from, go find your next sidekick.

BUT WAIT, can’t sign off on a blog without some new music jams for ya babes. I thought this song choice was accurate.. and quite literal obvi but whateverrrr. I absolutely loveeeee this song “Your Water” by Parker Millsap, check it out sweet humans.


xoxo Taryn

Canteen- Corkcicle

Tumbler- Corkcicle


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