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About me

Hey! I'm Taryn, a clothing addict and pun connoisseur

I'm your typical California coastal fashionista with a love of all things colorful and creative.

My fashion journey started when I was a stylist for a large e-commerce site during college 

and was told by my boss to start a blog! 

Since creating Velvet Sugar, I've taught myself photography and merged my two passions

together to form my path as a content-based entrepreneur.

I don't take life too seriously and am definitely known as a goofball, which you can get a sense of in my captions and writing style.

So buckle up,

because I'm here to give you a taste of my personal style from a fashion photographer's eye. 

Get ready for some funky poses, wild outfits and humor-filled verbal shenanigans. 

So welcome to my sweet life &

 put your dentist on speed dial, because you'll be wanting more.

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