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  • Taryn Dudley

Home Decor Haven

Is there anything better then moving into a brand new blank slate

to fuel the home decor junkie inside of ya?

Well, if you're a freak like me, quality furniture makes you weak at the knees

and I'm here to give you a little insight of my new one bedroom

funky, vintage, glam styled bachelorette LA pad.

I think the key to starting a new style, is to get a key focal piece. The statement item that connects the dots and brings your attention in straight away. I have been DREAMING of the day I'd get to sit my bottom on my very own Joybird couch, and guess what, that shit came true. I had my eye and vision on yellow & velvet, and Joybird helped create this masterpiece that fit like a freaking GLOVE inside my new place. Meet the "Lewis Sectional" in Sorrento Marigold. Is it any secret that I love velvet and color? If you know me well enough.. there's no need to answer that. This baby just happened to look FABULOUS with my Joybird "Orson Rug" styled perfectly with a turquoise velvet chair and glass modern styled coffee table both from Offer Up. If you haven't used offer up.. you're missing out on some major quality 2nd hand finds. Make the place lit with my modern Joybird "Quincy Lamp" and its like a perfect puzzle piece being connected to completion.

Moving to the dining room, I wanted to continue the vintage/modern glam vibe, so Joybird hooked me up with these incredible (and COMFORTABLE AF) velvet dining chairs in my staple color. I knew I wanted a round marble dining table to match the kitchen counters (a lucky dream pairing) and this little Tulip styled baby from Houzz, completed me. I also found a rad "bar cart" in marble/gold from Offer Up that tied everything together, all too perfectly again. Now when people walk in the front door, they know what kind of place they're walking into *cheers*

I kept similar coloring throughout the entire lady palace, throwing pops of color with my kitchen decor items, like my 'Our Place' pan and Italian styled artwork from Postery. My mom even surprised me with this heart-stopping pink vintage bread box, colorful cook books AND a little ceramic daisy dish she MADE HERSELF.. (and I'm related to this adorable woman???)

My bathroom continued with the blush & yellow tones with these super cute bath mats from Houzz and a fun little Target shower curtain. I also placed these giant pink palm leaves throughout the home to tie it all in. I'm a true sucker for dried florals.

Next, I turned my bedroom into a glorified dressing room, emphasizing the blush pops for a feminine touch and making every corner a place for a fashion MOMENT. My bedframe is also from Joybird and my mirror was major find from Houzz. Dresser is an oldie from All Modern compete with vintage mirrors and hand drawn prints from my little sister (is my family just so talented or what?). I snagged the corner scallop chair from Wayfair, and the ever-so-popular sunglasses holder is from Amazon! (secret.. it is just a nail polish holder whattttt)

Lastly, step out on my beautiful balcony to watch the sunset on my cheap n easy Ikea patio table, or lounge on my Urban Outfitters daybed and you've got yourself a zone.

Hope you have enjoyed hearing me ramble, now go see it for yourself:

(all links at the bottom)

Living room:

Joybird Pillows: Gia, Alban & Rounds

Coffee Table & Lounge Chair: Offer Up

Coffee Table Items:

Dining room:




Sunglasses Holder


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