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  • Taryn Dudley



Who needs color when you have black and white.. really stepping out of my boundaries right here folks..Jk. Yes I love color, but black and white is a staple combo that I will rep till the end of time. SO stoked because I got to collab this time with my babes at Lulus! Back in college, my first job in the fashion world was as Lulu’s stylist and it was basically the jumping off point for my blog. Seriously couldn’t of gotten where I am today without that crew so HELL yes, ready to rep that shiet. In love with these RVCA overalls and Lulus brand criss cross tee. Can’t complete the criss cross apple sauce vibes without some lace up heels to go along with it.. my new true summer addiction shoe. Hope you guys are enjoying your first day of Summer as much as I am!

In light of the summer heat rolling in, check out this tune “Fire” that a friend showed me recently. Perfect for a road trip or to get your ass motivated to take on everyone’s favorite weekday.. Monday. Get it babays,

xoxox Taryn

Outfit head to toe- Lulus

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