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  • Taryn Dudley


Hello everyone, welcome to gum drop alley, the most colorful and flavorful walls California central coast has to offer and an obvious place to shoot some pics during a much needed shopping day. Hats hats hats I friken love them. This one was my main outfit inspiration, got it from a local shop called Radlife, they know how to put the right about of edge and femininity to their caps and I am addicted to every single one of them. Their symbol is also a triangle which is the symbol of Rhi and I’s favorite band right now Alt-J, whom we are going to see next week in Hollywood and couldn’t be more stoked! This song Breezeblocks was the first tune I heard of theirs and I became addicted ever since, the vocalist is truly one of a kind and I highly recommend checking them out y’all. Enjoy!

Hat from- The Rad Life

Mink Pink Dress- Nasty Gal

Denim Button up- Urban Outfitters

Matiko Wedges- Lulus

Sunnies- Lulus

Purse- Target


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