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  • Taryn Dudley

Burn With Me










Okay I know we have been lagging, BUT we are back and with one hell of a collaboration. Meet Spell designs, our very own version of heavenly attire. And when we die, these babies are coming along. Spell has been one of our favorites Australian brands for awhile now so we couldn’t wait to work with them, can you see why? Playsuits, jumpsuits, goodbye birthday suits..sign us up. Better yet, the designers are two sisters.. we were just meant to be. Of course, this spell couldn’t be cast without the genius work of Michelle Roller behind the lens and Becky Wolfe taming our mane. We hope you enjoy!

Okay onto music duh. Have you heard of Whilk and Miskey? No? Go home. Just kidding, but seriously this is one hell of a band. If you like the tunes of Alt J and Glass Animals, then you will LOVE this group. Don’t believe us? Go listen obviously.

Love to all,

xoxo Taryn & Rhi

Taryn’s Look:

Jumpsuit- Spell

Belt- Lovestrength

Rhi’s Look:

Playsuit- Spell

Shoes- Sbicca

Necklaces- Jay Nicole Jewelry

Photos: Michelle Roller

Hair: Becky Wolfe

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