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  • Taryn Dudley



Where has the year gone.. it’s crazy. My blog being neglected is an understatement.. somewhere along the lines of my computer was a piece of s*#@ and I suck.. is where my excuses will come from. Good thing I am typing on my brand new laptop hallelujah! So I am hoping you all have been following me on IG because that is where I primarily do my posting.. and if you have, you will notice I just went on the most magical trip to Thailand. I can’t even explain how amazing that place is.. major withdrawals this last week. But, I am back in good ol’ California and going full force with my blog. You also may have noticed I have gone a bit solo recently. Rhi has been super busy prepping to graduate from college so I have taken on the blog project on my own. We still love each other and steal each others clothes don’t you worry. Here is a fun shoot I did with the brand Mister Zimi and man do they make me miss the tropics. Check out their amazing mod stye and out of this world pattern heaven.

I’m obsessed with BORNS and if you aren’t also.. get with it. I mean.. this guy lives in a tree house.. how fuckin’ epic. This is definitely my favorite of his, enjoy 🙂

Photos: Sarah Ching

Pants/Top- Mister Zimi


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