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  • Taryn Dudley


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Since I keep talking about the magical place of Thailand, I wanted to actually share with you a couple moments of my trip via blog post. While I was overseas, I had the opportunity to work with Billabong and rock some of their amazing tropical goods. I mean.. Billabong in the tropics.. duh. Since the majority of my time was spent in a bathing suit.. in result of 100 degree weather.. it was nice to have some funky suits to rep. Nothing pairs better with a swimsuit then some mind blowing turquoise agua. If these pictures don’t make you jump off your ass and book a ticket, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of getting off your ass, this song was a prime component to my trip. You can bet that we didn’t stay on our tush too long when this bad boy came on. Sofi Tucker, you’re a babe. Warning, this song might make you wanna grab a drinkee.

xoxo Taryn

Bikini tops- Billabong

Camp Paradise Tee- Billabong


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