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  • Taryn Dudley

Gold Lion

Black and white, you have my love forever. I really can not resist the urge to add more and more black and white pieces to my closet, example A right here. STRIPES you rock, my beetle juice pants are my favorite new purchase and can be worn casual or fancy. Just got back from a fashion event in Vegas for work and wore these bad boys, got a ton of compliments so I had to show all y’all as well. This Doors tee has been in my closet for years, gave it a recent snip at the sleeves and bam, new tank. DIYs are the best with old clothes, hence my problem throwing things out.

Gold Lion seemed suitable since my necklace is.. a gold lion. Rhi saw the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s at Fuck Yeah Fest and was obsessed. I was of course jealous so here is my own tribute for her and them.

Doors Tee- Hot Topic

Pants- Lucky Lulus

Leather Jacket- Urban Outfitters

Black pumps- Lucky Lulus

Gold Necklace-



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