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  • Taryn Dudley

Lady Lie


HELLO everyone! Holy shit, am I actually posting a blog right now? This is craziness. It’s been too long, but I’m back, and with another collab from my babes at Tobi! I am OBSESSED with two piece sets right now, I could literally wear them every day. And throw culottes in the mix and that is a recipe for greatness in my book. So I am usually a helpless soul when it comes to curling my hair.. I usually whip up a briad and call it good. Thankfully, I could finally master the art with my new curling iron from Sultra. It is a gift blessed upon us curl mortals. What better way to end the daylight then adventuring with Jason (The Keller Whale) and getting lost in the golden hills of SLO, right after getting off that train of course..

On other news, Rainbow Kitten Surprise.. can we bow down? Welcome to my new addiction. This band is incredible. It’s rare when you find those bands where every song is a new complete obsession. Check out my current broken record track, “Lady Lie”.

xoxox Taryn

Top- Tobi

Culottes- Tobi


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