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  • Taryn Dudley

Venice Venture


Sooo definitely gettin’ festival here.. without the festival. I guess that is what happens when you choose Thailand over Coachella, and I am sure not complaining. Still, festival season is one of my favorites, it speaks to me and my style since I get to dig back into those bohemian roots. I did another collab with Shop Tobi and they sure never disappoint. Loving the funky edge to this romper, cut outs will always be a flare I enjoy immensely. Another perk to festival season.. temporary tats yeeee. I mean, yes I already have half a dozen of the real deal.. but whats a couple more just for fun. Inked by Dani is the shit when it comes to reliving the youth with those old school stick on designs. Thanks to Jason Hudson, aka The Keller Whale, for taking me on a photo adventure of a lifetime. Yes we almost rolled down a hill in a truck and got bitch slapped by the wind on his motorcycle (pics coming soon), but damn it was worth it.

Speaking of adventures, a fellow traveler showed me this tune on my trip in Thai and I couldn’t stop listening. Sometimes, all you need is a sick beat and some cool effects and you’re golden. Thank you Big Wild,

Rock on babes,

xoxo Taryn

Romper- Shop Tobi (Check out more Dresses, Skirts, Cardigans, and more)

Belt- Lovestrength

Heart tat- Inked By Dani


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